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Hello, and hello

So, I haven't updated in a long time. Life has been busy! I'll do a quick rundown below...

Went on a cruise through the Southern Caribbean, awesome!

Traveled to Spring Hill, TN and Bowling Green, KY for work (and the KY Derby).

Did a lot of driving back and forth from Saginaw Township to Frankenmuth to spend time with Jenny.

Got a raise at work!

Became somewhat addicted to Twitter.

Made some beer with baxter420 .

Got a gym membership in Frankenmuth.

Got a golf membership in Frankenmuth.

Got rid of my place in Saginaw Township and moved in with Jenny! (new address will follow this post)

Paid off my Vue, finally!

Going to Traverse City this weekend!

Turning 29 on Monday...

Life is good. :)
Some very solid thoughts on why Obama should be our next president...

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PLEASE HELP to stop BP from dumping hazardous waste into Lake Michigan!!! PLEASE sign the two petitions here and spread the word!


New music!

For anyone who is an old school Daft Punk fan, checkout Justice! They sound really great and the US release of their album just came out yesterday, only $7.99 on iTunes! Oh, and if you get it from iTunes, don't forget to remove the DRM. ;)

This album release folks, is pretty much the most exciting that has happened in my life in a little while. I need a vacation or something!


I hate when big corporations are being little bitches. Check this out, http://www.suedbyscotts.com/ Someone is trying to do something good for us all and the big corporate bitches are trying to take him down!

Fox HD!

I finally get Fox HD (WSMH) on Charter Cable! Channel 786 looks so much better than channel 8!

I've become addicted to Web 2.0.
Wow, Banana 101.5FM has some crazy commercials!


Music Choice on cable actually plays really good music! I wish I could get their electronic genre station on XM! XM and Sirius are supposed to merge, I wonder what that means for a humble consumer like myself...

I downloaded the Castlevania X trial in the Xbox 360 Arcade and it is badass. Just like the original, only better graphics and better sound! I may purchase this "arcade" game! My buddy Steve O. just called to let me know he just won an auction for an Xbox 360! Sweet!

Last week I got my "yearly" performance review at work. I didn't get a raise and haven't received one since 2005. :( I'm supposed to have another review in July. Our company is going through a "house cleaning" phase right now, this I know. I'm just bummed that I didn't get any kind of bump in pay. :(

Vote for Jennie!

Nate Wilson's girlfriend, Jennie, decided to send in some pictures for Maxim's Hometown Hottie 2007 contest and she is in the running! Show your support for a local girl and vote here: http://www.maximonline.com/hotties/profile_2007.aspx?id=20973



"When the weather is hot and sticky, that's no time to dip the dicky. But when the frost is on the pumpkin, that's the time for dicky dunkin'." -Helmet Reinke

I was watching Saul of the Mole Men on Adult Swim and the main actor looked so familiar. I decided to do a little research. The guy's name is Josh Gardner and he was Gerhard Reinke from the Comedy Central show Wanderlust! Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust was very short lived, but it was hilarious! If anyone knows someone who burned the episodes to DVD please let me know, I'd love a copy!

I also watched the Tim and Eric Awesome Show which was funny, disturbing, and kept me entertained for the entire episode! If I was to make a television show I think it might turn out something like this.


I've been listening to a lot of new non-mainstream music lately, but a lot of it is hard to describe. Some is straight alt/indie/rock stuff like TV on the Radio and The Arcade Fire. Then there is other stuff like The Knife, Justice, and Klaxons. I'm also still listening to The Postal Service and Mark Gosen finally explained to me that they fall in the "garage" genre. Well, I checked iTunes today and apparently Klaxons, MSTRKRFT, Justice, Soulwax, etc. fall under the genre of new rave and electrock. After a little research I suppose most of these bands could be categorized under the dance-punk genre also, including Hot Chip. I love Wikipedia, not only does it help with finding all kinds of knowledge, it just helped me find a few new bands to listen to!

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